American Biotech Supply Refrigeration Solutions to Meet Tomorrow’s Standards. ABS Offers you creative product designs and an open mind for customer specific applications. View our wide selection of Premier Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers.

We have a vast selection of laboratory refrigeration and freezer models to choose from, ranging down to Ultra-Low -86°C cascade freezers and -196°C cryogenic freezers.

Our products are classified according to their intended use and are further broken down by size categories, with each including an in-depth description of the product. You will find everything from small vaccine refrigerators and freezers to full-size laboratory refrigerators and freezers. There are dual temperature refrigerator/freezer combination models, premium chromatography refrigerators, manual defrost enzyme freezers, auto defrost medical refrigerators, and undercounter clinical refrigerators and more.

Also, featured is a comprehensive line of cryogenic dewars, rack canisters, liquid LN2 dewars, vapor shippers, and other liquid nitrogen storage solutions.